Friday, February 28, 2014

If i could go back in time, top 5 places/times I'd go.

All of time and space, where would you go. Well there are a thousand and one places/times to go to, but imagining that you can't alter history, just observe, where would you go? Well, in no particular order, here's my top five:

1. April 21–22, 1999- The Berkeley Community Theatre, San Francisco.
2. June 20th, 1965- The Kiel Opera House, St. Louis.
3. September 8th, 1966- Anywhere watching TV in America.
4. January 20th-30th, 1994- Park City, Utah, USA.
5. EITHER: Sometime during 1598-1612- The Globe Theatre, England, UK.

I suppose I'd better elaborate.

So number 1 is the date that the Metallica S&M show took place. Metallica, a well known, heavy/thrash metal band, performs their greatest hits, accompanied by a full orchestra. I love the blend of the metal song that i already love, but with the added kick of the orchestra, really makes this easily my album of all time. I love this album. I love the live dvd footage, but to have been there and to have heard it played live, must have been fantastic. So whichever night they recorded, either the 21st or the 22nd, i'd like to go to the other one.

So number 2 takes us from my first favorite genre of music, to my second: lounge. I don't know if lounge is the right term, but I love Sinatra, Martin, Davis JR, and I suppose the modern equivalent would be Buble. But this performance was the first time these guys were televised for the whole world to see. I researched a few of their shows, and this one stood out as what would be the most memorable. 

So for number 3 I had the choice between two different TV show pilot premiers. The show I decided not to use is essentially the basis for this entire set of questions (no points for guessing which or WHO I mean) but then the other option was a little show called Star Trek. I'm a big trekkie, albeit only since 2009, but as a loyal little nerd, I went back and watched where it all started. The camp acting, the wobbly sets, the 'inventive' aliens, and the pure sci-fi of it all. Because of this show, there have been (not counting animated) 28 seasons of all the incarnations of the show, and 12 movies. 

Number 4 tackles movie premiers. My favorite movie? Alas no after reading number 3 it isn't Star Trek (that's a close second), it's a little movie called Clerks. Directed, authored, featured, edited, and produced by my hero himself: Kevin Smith. It's my favorite movie, it came out when i was 4, so to have the experience to watch my favorite movie in a movie theatre/cinema would be awesome. 

So we've tackled music (twice), TV and Film, only one form of media left, yep, live theatre. I had a hard choice between 3. April 19th 2001 for Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane performing The Producers, June 2nd 2004 for when the live performance of When Harry Met Sally. Finally I decided to go classy and picked the first performance of my favorite Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing. I've been in it, I've seen it live twice at the west end, I've seen the movies over and over again. I love it. Now i couldn't find a definitive first performance date, but its somewhere in between 1598 and 1612, I'm sure my Time and Space machine would either pin point it for me, or allow me trial and error.

There we have it. My top 5. Do you agree with any of these? What/where would you go/do different? Is anyone actually reading this? Leave me a comment in the comment section.

Until next time, NoelDarling, over and out.