Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The HTC Desire review

Ok i reviewed the HTC desire when i first got it, heres the review (mostly) unedited:

Ok. Iv only ever had a Sony Ericson phone and when the Satio/U1 was just an epic flail, i needed something that was as awesome as an iPhone, but not an iPhone. Now my good friend @Aaronage had been tweeting on about HTC for a while and i was still unsure what they were till i looked them up and decided they may be the horse to back, so i got a HTC Desire.


*The screen is awesome, High quality screen awesome for viewing anything: pictures, websites. its all touch and awesome. The keyboard is easy to use even with my fat fingers, which leads me to…

*Keyboard. As said above its awesome and i love the HTC auto complete text thing, it knows a good 89% of what i want to say and if not, just add it in. Surprised it didnt know the word “scone” though.

*Interactive wallpapers, might sound silly but the fact i can have fish swimming around my home page makes me giggle.

*Syncing my contacts from email and facebook = Genius. Love it, all my friends nice and synced in with additional info pulled from fbuk and pictures for each. Yes the friend has to have their profile set to public but still, not the phones fault.

*Texts as intant message screen is awesome. Instead of scrolling through other texts to find the text you sent to the person yesterday, its right there :-)

*Appstore/Market Although yes not as awesome as the iAppStore, but still awesome. If i wanted apps and crappy flash games id have got an iPhone, but the HTC market has jsut enough :-)

*Camera. Yes i went from the Satio’s 12mgpxl to 5 on this, but i like the auto focus it works.

*Headphones = awesome. Love the control thingy on the headphones for next,play and back. Never been a fan of fabric headphone covers tho


*As with all smart phones and most gadgets these days, you need to charge this bad boy upn at night. If, like me, you leave the 3g on and am constantly checking social sites, even though no push message has come through and then listening to music while doing it, Battery Life will be low. Its not bad, just every night you’ll need to plug it in.

*Facebook. Now this might just be me, but as far as i can see there isn’t an option for general facebook notification notifications. I get messages, events, friend requests but no wall posts or comments. I’d like to think its not me and i cant find the option and its fault, but not at the same time :-P

*Widgets. Seemingly useless. This may just be another facebook rant, but seesmic does it too. If the widget is to be used properly i want the latest tweet/status to be shown, not a random assortment of old ones. So instead of widgets for the social stuff i jut have links to the app.

*GPS or whatever it is: When getting my current location for the HTC weather app, or for tweet locations, its never right. Im in Flanderwell Rotherham, not Doncaster.

*i know the screen was a positive and this is just a little thing, finger prints appear ofton and easily. They are easily wipeable, but meh

*Not really a negative but the tracker ball thing in the middle is useless until taking pictures on the camera.

*Message tone. Usually on a phone there is an option on a phone to select a song and set it as your messgae/notification tone, however with the Desire, you have to put the song file in a specific folder when connected via USB. Seems a long winded way of doing a simple action.

Overall- even though there are some faults, in the words of @AlexAlbrecht: “This is AH-MAZING”

Love the phone, highly recommended

Thank you for reading my blog/review.