Sunday, June 29, 2014


"RT @Vulgarfan should I know who George Romero is?" @The12percenters

Jesus Christ almighty. I apologize to anyone who read that question."

Why in this point in history does this happen? Why, when we are presented with something we don't know, take to social media to ask a question?

Unless of course it's rhetorical, why? Especially to a celebrity/someone in the public eye. If you see something/someone and don't know what/who they are, why not do a quick online search for it? Why advertise your ignorance? Ignorance not only in not knowing the original fact, but ignorant of not finding that information in the best possible way. You've already took time to hit the web and post on social media.  That same amount of time could have been a Google search and a skim read of a wikipedia article. But no. Some people feel the need to just look even more dumb.

I'm glad Bryan didn't take this tweet seriously. Also I'm aware I've probably been hypocritically guilty of this in the past, but opinions change, you don't like it? #GFY